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AKG Pro Audio C214 Condenser Microphone + Audient iD4 MKII
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Ankorra: Lost DaysMunChibig Studio
Henchman StoryMiss DynamoMarc Soskin
MagnetoBottyNuraPhilipp Bouillon
Miriel SagaNaga EdoumNG+ Studios
The Archmage LegacyMinStory Sight Studio
Caffeine: Victoria’s LegacyOceane LambKikai Digital Games
Life’s Forfeit - Joyful EditionAntwortetTwo Thingz Productions

Audio Dramas

The Silt VersesMercerMuna Hussen
The WaystationTakara YoshidaElliot Sommerfield
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Animation/Video GamesMatthew David Rudd, Cassandra Lee Morris, David Sobolov, Julie Maddalena Kliewer, Tony Oliver, Dorah Fine, Arianna Ratner, Allison Latta
ADR/AnimeTony Oliver, Dorah Fine, Julie Maddalena Kliewer, Cassandra Lee Morris
TheaterChristina Gorman, Sarafina Vecchio, Gretchen Sonstrom, Adrianne Cury
CommercialAllison Latta, Doug McDade
ImprovJay Steigmann
On CameraDoug McDade, Coburn Goss


ADR, character voices, character singing (mezzo-soprano), accents (RP English), Japanese language (intermediate), dance (hip hop, basic ballet, Filipino cultural), drawing (digital and traditional), improvisation, IT break-fix and troubleshooting, rock climbing (bouldering, top-roping), basic computer programming, basic martial arts (Shotokan, Tai Chi), musical instruments (piano, xylophone, various percussion instruments)

home studio

AKG Pro Audio C214 Condenser Microphone + Audient iD4 MKII

Hiya! I'm Daphne Nitsuga.

I'm a Filipino American Actress, Voiceover Artist, and Performer based in Chicago.
My acting journey started in high school, when I competed in Humorous Interpretation and Duet Acting competitions and won national awards. I started doing voiceovers in the midst of all this, since I've been obsessed with JRPGs and anime ever since I was a kid. One day, I said, heck it, and took a voiceover class, not even realizing this was something I could make a career out of! My teacher suggested that I start taking theater classes to hone my acting skills, and I've been hooked ever since. It was in that acting studio - and through my connections with a classmate - that I starred in my first on-camera short film. My acting journey has been a wild ride ever since.
I've had the honor of working in films, promotions, video games, audiobooks, and commercials for clients such as Silken Sail, Kikai Digital Games, Story Sight Studio, Upkey, NG+ Studios, and many independent film makers! I pride myself in versatility, being able to perform a variety of roles in the projects I audition for.
When I'm not in the booth, I love to play video games, cafe-hop around different cities (gotta turn my caffeine addiction into something productive, y'know?), and snuggle on the couch with my orange tabby cat, Appa~
To contact me regarding bookings or other inquiries, please e-mail me at
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